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Alejandro M. Alberto
Data Engineer

Data Engineer, passionate about data and Apache Airflow

Miguel Ángel Gómez López
Software Developer

Full Stack Developer & Sharepoint Expertise

María Cabanillas
Software Developer

Graduate in Sports Science. Gave programming a chance and became a clean code enthusiast.

Almudena Barreiro
Data Scientist

A very vocational mathematician and statistician. Improving the world through data science in Data for Good Madrid

Carlos Ruiz
Data Engineer

Computer Science graduated and passionate about data. Nowadays, Data Engineer at Next Digital Hub.

Celia Sierra
Data Engineer

Mathematician. Junior Data Engineer

Gabriel Jiménez
Software Architect and Tech Lead

Developer, Architect, Tech Lead, Trainer. Around 10 years of experience developing software mostly with Java ecosystem, and other technologies and roles.

Paco Duarte
Business Intelligence Specialist

Engineer who loves data analysis

David Ortega
Software developer

Software Engineer

Ruben Valero
Arquitecto de software

Data Architect, Software Architect and TDD lover

Tania Pérez
Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack Developer

Rubén Soto
Senior Data Engineer

Python enthusiastic with Degree in Commerce, Certificate of Higher Education in Development and Master Degree in Big Data

Jesús J. Doménech
Data engineer

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematician and Python lover.

José Morcuende
Full Stack Developer

Computer Engineer Full Stack with an internal fight between front and back.

Jose Cerván
Backend Engineer

Software developer and backend engineer

Pablo Moreno
Software Developer

Passionate about Software architecture, clean code, and new technologies.

Alejandra Casero
Data Engineer

Master en Big Data y Data Science

Lucia Fabio
Data engineer

Graduated from physical sciences, currently in the data world. Python and The Office fan.

Rafael Luque

Beatriz Perez Vera

Bachelor of Computer Science. Lover of Data Science, Machine Learning and challenges. Currently Engineer at Next Digital Hub.

Gonzalo Gimeno
Software Architect & Full Stack Developer.

Always learning.

Miguel Ferreras
Data Engineer

Finishing computer engineering deggre, passionate abour technologie and always keen to learn and grow.

Lucas Mazariegos
Software Developer

Software Engineer now studying a Data Science & Cloud Computing Master's Degree. Passionate about new technologies

Ramsés Rodríguez

Passionate about Big Data, Cloud and microservice architectures.

Ruben Sanchez
Business Intelligence Specialist

Power BI developer specialised in visualization.

Eduardo Ulibarri Toledo
Software Developer

Software Engineer

Carlos Castelló Hernández
Software Developer

Back-End Developer

Génesis Duque

Alfonso Baena
Data Engineer

Telecom Engineer that turned into a data enthusiast. Currently Data Engineer at Next Digital Hub.

Felipe Pita Da Veiga
Software Developer

Software developer. Frontend and clean code lover.

Ramón Manuel Abeijón Vidal
Backend Engineer

Software developer and backend engineer

David Valverde
Software Developer

Fullstack developer. Backend mainly in java. The most important thing is to learn and grow.

David Estrada
Software Developer

Software Developer - Scrum Master Certified (PSMI).

Carlos E. Morales M.
Software Developer

System Engineer and Java Developer. I enjoy trying to solve difficult problems. I sometimes succeed, often don't.

Francisco Rodrigo

Álvaro Madrid
Fullstack developer

Senior Fullstack Developer

Lucas de Torre
Data Engineer

Data Engineer graduated in Computer Engineering and Mathematics.

Pablo López

Software Architect, Team Leader & Full Stack Developer

Natalia Rodriguez-Peral
Data Engineer

Software Engineer

Laura Herrero
Front end developer

Frontend developer & Scrum Master certificated. I love building well-crafted products.

Laura Falque
Junior Data Enginer

Computer engineer. Lover of the data world.

Alejandro Villar
Junior Data Engineer

Ending my Computer Science and Business Administration Double Degree studies at University Carlos III of Madrid. Junior Data Engineer at NEXT DIGITAL HUB. Passionate about the world of data and digital transformation of companies.

Alvaro Casado
Junior Data Engineer

Computer Engineer and PC lover, ready for learning

Marcelo García
Software Enginner

Telecommunication enginner passionate about the technology

Jordi Llinares
Data Engineer

Data Engineer graduated in Computer Engineering and Master's degree on Big Data

Tomás Darío Albarenque

Alberto García
Data Engineer

Computer Engineer. Data Engineer at Next Digital Hub.

José Ayllón
Fullstack Developer

Computer Engineering's Student with Software Engineering's intensification. Special interest in new Technologies, clean code and project management.

Miguel Pajares
Data Engineer

Computer Engineer currently enrolled in a Master's Degree in Big Data and Business Analytics. Passionate about the world of Big Data, Machine Learning, engineering and data science.

Pedro Novas
Data Engineer

Data Engineer with a background in Data Science and experience in full life-cycle software development.

Pablo de Torre
Big Data & Analytics Consultant

Software engineer specialized in Business Intelligence, specifically in Power BI.

Jorge Montero
Data Engineer

Computer Engineer specialized in Big Data. Passionate about the world of data and new technologies.

Miguel Martínez Serrano
Software Developer

Software Engineer. I love learning new technologies, automation, SOLID, clean code.

Fernando García Álvarez
Software Developer

Software Enginner and Master's Degree in Web Engineering. I enjoy constantly trying and learning new things

Francisco Lopez
Business Intelligence Specialist

Industrial Electronic Engineer who discovered the world of data and ended up doing a Master in Business Intelligence. Passionate about data analysis and visualization.

Manuel Berrio
Back-End Developer

Better programmer than yesterday.

Eduardo Mayoral
Data Engineer

Applied Statistics Degree. Junior Data Engineer / Data Scientist

Fernando Sánchez
Junior Data Engineer

Computer Engineer studying master's degree in Computer Engineering. I really enjoy maths.

Jorge Sainero
Data engineer

Graduated in mathematics and computer engineering. Lover of the world of Big Data, data science and artificial intelligence.

Guillermo Ovejero
Data Engineer

Finishing Computer Engineering degree, lover of ML, Big Data and Space

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